The Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation (PSCDC) hired the Lindblad Group and Echo IT Consulting in 2018 to evaluate the broadband situation in Archuleta County and compare the situation to Colorado Western Slope communities as well as other rural communities in the Western United States. The team studied multiple communities, solution approaches and financing models–including visits to several Western Slope communities in person–to determine the best approach to provide speedy, reliable and accessible broadband at an affordable cost to the citizens and businesses of Archuleta County. The Lindblad Group presented the results of their findings to community stakeholders in October and November 2018, the “Pagosa Springs Broadband Project 2018 and Beyond”, and this plan was adopted by the PSCDC as the road map for broadband deployment in Archuleta County. Part of the output of the plan was to create the Archuleta County Broadband Services Management Office, which is the entity that manages this website and is charged with deploying the broadband plan.

Check out the broadband plan here

January 2022 Pagosa Springs CDC/BSMO Adopted Strategic Plan